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      Packing Classses Impart Wisdom

      Packing Classses Impart Wisdom

      Most adults have traveled and thus have been faced with the love-it or hate-it task of packing for their trip. It's a necessary part of traveling, but also one with which many people may not have a lot of experience.

      Of course, experience and practice naturally bring a lot of wisdom, and that's why we enjoy providing free packing classes to our customers. Whether it's a just long weekend car trip, or several weeks far from home, there are some great practical strategies that can help any situation.

      Just a few pointer topics include:

      1. Helping you decide what should be packed.
      2. Planning ahead.
      3. Organizing your belongings.
      4. Situating the items by space; function; need; and other factors.
      5. And many other related topics.

      Feel free to attend one of our classes... we're certain you'll find it interesting, helpful and entertaining!