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      Free Packing Classes

      The Luggage Shop of Lubbock offers free packing classes! Learn all the best tips and tricks from luggage experts. Your next trip will be a breeze with the packing strategies you'll learn.

      Make it seem like you have more space in your luggage no matter the mode of your transportation. And for air travel, you'll learn the best ways to handle checked luggage, carry-ons, and great tactics to prepare for security checkpoints.

      Our classes are informative, fun and always free! All classes are at our store, 4505 98th Street, #110, in Lubbock, Texas.

      Upcoming Classes

        June 25,  2022, Saturday at 10am

        July 23, 2022, Saturday at 10am

        August 20, 2022, Saturday at 10am

        September 17, 2022, Saturday at 10am

        October 15, 2022, Saturday at 10am

        November 5, 2022, Saturday at 10am